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Empa Electronics is serving to Turkish Electronics industry with worldwide component suppliers since 1981. First technological workshops in Turkey had been arranged by Empa. Empa, has an important role in the improvement of local electronics industry (Empa research and development department developed the first TV remote control software in Turkey).

Another important step for Empa was the merger in 2004 with our sister company Gestaş, which specializes in passive components. As a result of this merger, our company has come to a position to serve its customers with a very new product range.

From year 2000 Empa, stand out with a regional technical distribution identity in Turkey and Middle East, is the market leader in semiconductors in Turkey.

Continuing fast development, Empa launched Empatech Program in 2012. This program provides Thesis Project Support, Introduction of Electronic Industry and Mentorship to the engineer candidate university students.

With the IoT Division, which was established within Empa in 2016, Empa started projects that bring together the IT sector and the electronics industry in line with Turkey’s needs, in the internet of things market. Rapid developments in this field gave birth to our Empa Technology Company in 2018. Today, this new company of ours is working on IoT and Edge AI R&D projects at ITU Arı Teknokent and continues on this path with the goal of being a business partner that offers solutions to our customers in IoT-Sensor-Cloud and Tiny Artificial Intelligence Applications.

In order to provide faster supply support to the increasing number of customers and designs as a result of digitalization, our e-commerce site empa:::store has started to serve our customers with a wide product range and experienced engineering support. By launching empa:::store, we aim to serve the semiconductor and module needs of newly established companies, start-ups and academic researchers in the field of technology in the fastest way and to contribute more to the development of the market. In line with this goal, empa:::community was launched at the end of 2021. With empa:::community, we created an environment where engineers working in this field can exchange information easily and get support from the Empa team regarding their questions.

Today, in 2022, we are proud to be surrounded with innovations created by the great digital revolution that started with IoT, in fields ranging from consumer electronics to automotive, and from the defence industry to industrial electronics. As Empa Electronics, we continue to contribute to the acceleration of innovation processes with our wide product portfolio, especially semiconductor technologies; sensors, gsm modules, wi-fi technologies, microcontrollers and power electronics, engineering background and software support.

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