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  • PRODUCT GROUPS: MIL and CECC Qualifi ed Relays, AC/DC Contactors, Solid State Power Controllers and Assemblies, Illuminated Panels, Indicators and Keyboards, AC/DC Primary and Secondary Power Distribution Assemblies, Panels and Relay Boxes
About Esterline

About Esterline

Esterline Corporation is a manufacturing company serving 30 years, mainly aviation and defense markets. Canada, China, France, Germany, Mexico and twelve US states in the United Kingdom, which operate between 40,000 and 500,000 square feet. Esterline management reviews the company’s businesses in three core competencies: Avionics & Controls, Sensors and Systems and Advanced Materials. Land and marine military vehicles, secure communications systems, specialized medical devices and other high-tech industrial applications focus on technology interface systems for commercial and military aircraft and similar devices. It focuses on high-performance elastomer products used for a wide range of military and commercial aviation purposes and technologies such as flammable ammunition and electronic warfare countermeasures. Esterline helps customers compete with maximum efficiency.

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