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Empa, teknoloji programlarıyla üniversite 4’üncü sınıf öğrencilerini ve yeni mezunları iş hayatına hazırlıyor.


Empathings, güncel haberlerin ve sektörel gelişmelerin yer aldığı bir haber bültenidir.


Empa Elektronik’in IoT Departmanı tarafından, IoT için hazırlanmış çözümleri inceleyin.


Programme I

University Project Support

We are providing support for university thesis and projects.

Programme II

Getting Familiar with the Electronics Industry

We are helping the Turkish Electronics Industry and Turkish Universities meet, interact and grow mutually.

Programme III

Technology Marketing and Mentorship

Following the latest global trends in electronics, we are preparing the students for the business life by using our mentorship programs.

More Details

About Us

Empa Elektronik is serving to Turkish Electronics industry with worldwide component suppliers since 1981. First technological workshops in Turkey had been arranged by Empa. Empa, has an important role in the improvement of local electronics industry (Empa research and development department developed the first TV remote control software in Turkey).
From year 2000 Empa, stand out with a regional technical distribution identity in Turkey and Middle East, is the market leader in semiconductors in Turkey.
Continuing fast development, Empa launched Empatech Program. This program provides Thesis Project Support, Introduction of Electronic Industry and Mentorship to the engineer candidate university students.

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