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  • PRODUCT GROUPS: Power, Signal, High Frequency, Solid State and MOSFET Relays; Micro, Dip and Tactile Switches; Photomicro, Flow, Touch, Tilt and Pressure Sensors; FPC and PCB Connectors and Optical Devices, Relays for automotive.

About Omron

Founded in 1933, Omron has been supporting innovative and cutting-edge technologies since its foundation. Omron aims to respond to the needs of the community successfully, based on the theory that it is based on predicting future trends given the name ‘SINIC’. Omron is also able to offer products in the fields of Electronics and Mechanical Components, Industrial Automation, Health and Sensor technologies with developing technologies. With its 36,000 employees worldwide, Omron operates technical support and sales operations in conjunction with Empa Electronics in the fields of Electronics, Mechanical Components and Sensor Technologies in Turkey. Whether you need initial product selection for your projects, or for problems that you may encounter in your ongoing projects, you will receive individual support from Omron engineers.

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Gelişmelerden, yeni ürün ve kampanyalardan haberdar olmak için sizi mail bültenimiz Empathings’e üye olmaya davet ediyoruz. Daha önce yayınlanan bültenlerimizi görüntülemek için tıklayınız.

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