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  • PRODUCT GROUPS: 4G, 3G, 2G IoT Modules, GPS &  GNSS IoT Modules, Smart IoT Modules, LPWA (NB-IoT) Modules, EVB Kits
About Quectel

About Quectel

Quectel has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy provider of wireless modules since its establishment in 2010.  Leveraging Quectel’s strong R&D capabilities, comprehensive expertise, wide variety of high quality products and consistent philosophy of putting the customer’s demands at the forefront. Quectel Wireless Solutions is one of the leading global suppliers of industrial-grade cellular and GNSS modules, which can be widely applied in IoT markets, such as automobile, smart metering, remote control, asset tracking, wireless POS, security and healthcare.At present, Quectel has around 400 employees, most of who are responsible for R&D, testing and technical support. This reflects our consistent business philosophy of “customer orientation”.In this context, there is also a technical team working on the specific region of Turkey and the Middle East. The Turkish technical support team is a local engineer and assists you through EMPA.

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