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  • PRODUCT GROUPS: Precision Frequency Control and Timing ProductsQuartz Crystals, Crystal Oscillators, MEMS Oscillators, SAW Devices, Timing Modules, Rubidium Standards
About Vectron

About Vectron

Vectron International is the world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of Frequency Control, Sensor and Hybrid Product solutions using both state-of-the-art techniques in both bulk acoustic wave (BAW) and surface acoustic wave (SAW) based designs from DC to microwave frequencies. The innovation and talent provided by the company reflect the trend towards higher frequencies, lower cost designs and miniaturization and more technologically sophisticated integrated solutions. Vectron International is both a product maker and solution provider, a leader in unique technology, but ready to design and produce custom solutions when needed. Vectron’s core competence combines classic crystal and SAW technology with sophisticated integrated circuits and advanced packaging.

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