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  • PRODUCT GROUPS: FPGA, CPLD, PROM & platform fl ash solutions, development environment, reference designs and trainings.
About Xilinx

About Xilinx

Everyone who has worked in the Xilinx electronics market is sure to be a company he knows. The basis of Xilinx’s recognition is two important elements; Xilinx invented the FPGA technology and again found the Fabless model in the Xilinx Electronics market. With more than 3500 patents and 60 industry provinces, it pioneers in the field of programmable technologies for its customers. Today, the Xilinx portfolio combines All Programming models, including development environments, as well as all programmable devices in the FPGAs, SoCs, and 3DICs categories. Our products help you create intelligent, interconnected and diverse applications built with 5G Wireless, Embedded vision, Industriel IOT and Cloud programming.

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