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Hints for successful WiFi/BT/BLE IoT projects

Developing IoT Applications for Global Market 

Thursday, August 24, 2017 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (TR)

Products from Clarinox Technologies dramatically simplify the task of creating cloud connected Internet of Things solutions. With robust, secure and extremely comprehensive wireless software Clarinox enables the building of great Bluetooth and Wi-Fi products on either standard or custom hardware. The products are complimented by innovative debug tools and configuration management software to ensure a fast track for IoT and embedded wireless developments.

This webinar will explain how to develop successful WiFi/BT/BLE IoT projects for Global Markets.

  • Developing IoT Applications for Global Market
    • Which factors lead developers to feel alone on building robust & secure IoT applications?
    • How To Develop Easily an IoT Application for Cloud Connectivity (with STMicro & TI Wilink8)
    • Why powerful Debugger tools are critical for the success?
    • Why Protocol Analysis is important? (Deploying Complex Connectivity Scenarios)
    • Have you consider qualification?
    • Last but not least, life continues after production: Have you considered PLM, OTA, Security, Support enough?
    • Introduction to EMPA Clarinox EVM Suites & Development Kits for IoT Cloud Projects

This webinar will demonstrate how to use EMPA IoT Development modules including Clarinox EVM with Clarinox Joeyduino Shield Wireless Module together as a Bluetooth IoT Gateway that provides a vital connectivity link between Bluetooth-enabled devices and cloud-based applications.

The webinar will be held in English language.

Webinar details will be sent with e-mail after registration.

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