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Since its founding year in 1981, Empa Electronics has been providing services to the Turkish Electronics Industry with globally renowned component brands. Empa initiated the first technological workshops in Turkey and, with its established R&D team, became the first company in Turkey to develop TV remote control software, making significant contributions to the development of the Domestic Electronics Industry.

Another significant milestone for Empa occurred in 2004 with the merger of our sister company Gestaş, specializing in passive components. As a result of this merger, our company became capable of providing its customers with a brand new variety of products.

Starting from the year 2000, Empa emerged as a regional technical distributor in the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets and holds a position as a market leader in semiconductors in our country. Continuing its uninterrupted growth, Empa launched the Empatech program in 2012. Through this program conducted in universities, engineering students are provided with thesis support, introduction to the electronics industry, and mentorship.

With the establishment of the IoT Division in 2016, Empa began projects that bring together the IT industry and the electronics industry in the Internet of Things market, in line with Turkey’s needs. Rapid developments in this field led to the formation of the Empa Technology team in 2018. Our team works on IoT, Edge, artificial intelligence topics, and R&D projects. As a business partner offering successful solutions in IoT-Sensor-Cloud and Edge AI applications to our customers, we continue on our path.

As a result of digitization, our e-commerce website empastore.com has started to provide services with a wide range of products and experienced engineering support to meet the needs of increasing customer numbers and to provide faster procurement support for designs. Thus, we aim to provide the fastest service to the semiconductor and module needs of newly established technology companies, start-ups, and those engaged in academic research, and to contribute more to the development of the market. In line with this goal, through our innovative perspective created on empa.com, we enable engineers working in relevant fields to exchange information and provide support to questions from the Empa team.

Today, in the year 2023, we take pride in being part of the innovations created by the significant digital revolution that began with IoT, spanning from consumer electronics to automotive, from defense industry to industrial electronics. As Empa Elektronik, we continue to contribute to accelerating the innovation processes with a wide product portfolio including semiconductor technologies such as sensors, GSM modules, Wi-Fi technologies, microcontrollers, and power electronics, along with engineering expertise and software support.