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We support e-mobility technologies, which are gaining more and more importance in our lives, with the solutions of world-leading companies, we bring together our long years of electronic experience with the automotive industry of our country, which is rapidly developing, and we contribute to the development of our country and the future of our world.

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About ST

STMicroelectronics is a global semiconductor company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of semiconductor solutions, including microcontrollers, sensors, power management, and digital and analog ICs (Integrated Circuits). Its products are used in a wide range of applications, including automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, communications equipment, and computer peripherals.

The company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Switzerland and originated from Italy and France. It has a global presence, with more than 46,000 employees in 35 countries, including 9,000 R&D engineers, and has sales and marketing offices in 80 countries for over 200,000 customers. ST holds the technological leadership with 19,500 patents thanks to its 14 main production facilities and qualified workforce.

We are the largest representative of ST in Turkey as empa:::electronics. With our application engineers who are knowledgeable about the technical information in the ST product catalog, we support your projects. We inform you about ST's new products and technologies with the seminars and trainings we organize every year.

About Anshan Yes


Anshan Yes, with a capital of $56.2 million and investment by Yes Optroelectronics Co. Ltd and Anshan Ruilin Investmen Co. Ltd, has been in the display market since 2012. Anshan Yes provides LCD, LCM, TFT, Touch Panel, and e-ink products in the display field. Anshan Yes can provide professional solutions in the TN/STN LCD and LCM areas, where they specialize. Anshan Yes maintains its presence in sectors such as white goods, automotive, medical, telecommunications, and consumer electronics with the products it produces. Anshan Yes, headquartered in China, provides services with more than 20 distributors worldwide. Empa Elektronik has undertaken Anshan Yes's sales, marketing, and technical support operations in Turkey. You can get direct support from Anshan Yes engineers for both product selection in the beginning stages of your projects and in solving the problems you may encounter in your ongoing projects.

About CML Microcircuits


CML is a globally leading company in the design, development, and supply of low-power analog, digital, and mixed-signal semiconductors for telecommunications systems. Thanks to its broad and diverse portfolio, CML devices can be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial products for licensed and unlicensed wireless audio and data systems. CML ICs focused on narrowband communications are making a name for themselves in wireless data and marine radio applications such as PMR/LMR, TETRA, DMR, dPMR, SCADA systems, and AIS. In addition to its product range, CML can offer customers custom solutions, consisting of design assistance, advice, and first-class technical support.

PRODUCT GROUPS: Analog two-way radio, digital PMR/LMR, wireless data, wireline comm., low-power single IC modem, RALCWI vocoder, signal processor, tone decoder & encoder, SPM detector, calling line ID, Marine AIS baseband processor, RF products.

About Sensirion AG


Sensirion, based in Staefa, Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of digital microsensors and systems. The company was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich and is located in Staefa near Zurich, Switzerland. The company has employees from different countries such as the USA, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Germany.

The headquarters in Switzerland operates as a center for research, development, and production. The product range includes gas, liquid flow, differential pressure sensors, and environmental sensors used in the measurement of humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon dioxide, and particulate matter. Sensirion has an international network with sales offices in the USA, Europe, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, providing standard and custom sensor system solutions for a wide range of applications.

Sensirion sensors are typically found in the medical, industrial, and automotive sectors, analytical devices, consumer goods, and HVAC products. One distinctive feature of Sensirion products is the use of CMOSens® Technology, which enables intelligent system integration of sensor element, system logic, calibration data, and digital interface onto a single microchip.

Sensirion demonstrates that it is a reliable supplier with loyal customers, quality reputation (ISO/TS 16949), and excellent customer service. Sensirion has won various awards that prove its willingness to help its customers progress in their projects. Among the companies that contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the Swiss economy, Sensirion has won the Ernst & Young Award for its personal commitment and risk-taking desire.

In just a few years, Sensirion has shown that it is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality sensors and sensor solutions. This success is primarily due to the dedication, creativity, and expertise of team members who strive to achieve the extraordinary every day. Sensirion's mission is to use technology to lay the foundation for a smarter future.

About Omnivision


Since its inception in 1995, Omnivision has been a pioneer in technology, developing and delivering advanced digital imaging, analog, touch, and display solutions for multiple applications in various industries. As a global semiconductor organization, it has enabled smoother human/machine interface solutions in automotive, medical, security and surveillance, information technology, mobile phones, and other emerging technology areas with its award-winning innovative technologies. It has a commitment to providing reliable, innovative imaging and sensing solutions and producing innovative technology solutions that maximize the benefits of human/device interactions. With its advanced semiconductor solutions, it forms the core of systems that produce high-quality photos and video images, analog solutions, and touch and display technology for smartphones, security cameras, endoscopes, webcams, automotive cameras, ADAS systems, and more.

• Nyxel® NIR technology enables image sensors that see better and farther in low light while consuming less power. • PureCel® reduces pixel crosstalk and noise for better color reproduction in low-light conditions. • RGB-Ir technology enables capturing normal images and biometric identification, motion detection, and more from the same device. • OmniBSI™ is a revolutionary platform that provides advanced sensitivity, color reproduction, and image quality. • HDR technology captures clear images even in extremely bright and dark areas in a scene.

About Yeebo


Yeebo, founded in 1988, aims to develop and produce high-quality monochrome LCDs, Graphic LCDs, TFTs, Oleds, Capacitive and Resistive touchscreens since its inception. Yeebo continues to exist in sectors such as White Goods, Automotive, Medical, Telecommunications, and Consumer Electronics with the products it produces. With its 20 years of experience, Yeebo can offer customized solutions to its customers' needs and has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and TS16949 certificates. Located in Hong Kong, Yeebo carries out its productions in its facilities located in Jiangmen and Guangdong, which have multiple production lines. Empa Electronics is responsible for Yeebo's Sales, Marketing, and Technical Support operations in Turkey. You can receive one-on-one support from Yeebo engineers for product selections in the initial stages of your projects or for solving the problems you may encounter in your ongoing projects.

About JST

JST, one of the world's largest manufacturers of electrical and electronic connectors, aims to meet its customers' needs in the best possible way with every product it produces. With this approach, JST has many principles such as developing products at a very high speed, producing components that provide top-level reliability and quality, and improving delivery times and efficiency while reducing costs by handling processing and inventory management with care.

JST serves its customers as a "Full-Service Supplier" and provides comprehensive services tailored to their requirements. These services include design and development, testing in fully equipped laboratories, production at global manufacturing facilities, and support for many application tools from hand tools to fully automatic special purpose mechanisms to meet individual needs.

About AMD Xilinx


AMD Xilinx is a well-known company in the electronics market. Xilinx's recognition is based on two important factors: inventing FPGA technology and introducing the Fabless model. Founded in the United States in 1984, Xilinx provides high-performance and high-reliability FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) solutions used in many different industries worldwide.

It is also a strong player in SoC design and production. Unlike other semiconductors, Xilinx FPGAs include programmable logic blocks (PLBs) modules, which make an FPGA programmable. As a result, FPGAs can be customized and optimized according to customer needs. In addition to FPGAs, Xilinx offers its customers design tools and IP cores such as Vivado Design Suite. These tools cover all aspects of FPGA design and provide users with a fast and efficient design process. Xilinx's customers are companies operating in many different sectors, such as industrial automation, medical devices, military and aerospace, telecommunications, and network equipment.

Xilinx FPGAs are ideal for high-performance data processing, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, gaming, automotive, and many other applications. Today, Xilinx serves with more than 4,000 employees in many offices in Europe, Asia, and America. In 2021, it became a much stronger company after being acquired by AMD for $35 billion. As Empa Electronics, we are the largest solution partner of AMD Xilinx in Turkey. Our products help you create smart and different applications based on 5G Wireless, Embedded vision, Industrial IoT, and Cloud programming.

About Varitronix


Founded by a group of academics in 1978, Varitronix has aimed to provide the highest quality and innovative products in the display industry since its inception. Varitronix exists in the display market with Small and Medium-Sized Monochrome Character LCD Modules, Graphic LCD Modules, Alphanumeric LCD Panels, and TFT Modules. With over 35 years of experience, Varitronix can offer customized solutions in line with its customers' demands. Varitronix, headquartered in Hong Kong, can provide products through multiple distributors worldwide. Empa Elektronik is responsible for Varitronix's Sales, Marketing, and Technical Support operations in Turkey. You can receive direct support from Varitronix engineers in product selection during the initial stages of your projects, as well as in solving the problems you may encounter in your future projects.

About Variscite

Variscite is a global embedded solutions provider serving the Middle East, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions. The company specializes in providing innovative, high-performance System on Modules (SoMs) and Single Board Computers (SBCs) based on leading-edge processors. Variscite's embedded solutions cover a wide range of industries, including medical, industrial automation, and digital signage. Variscite guarantees the quality of its products with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. The company's experienced engineering team and customer support specialists offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers.

About 2J Antenna Conceptor


2J is an antenna manufacturer focused on automotive, telemetry, automation, and IoT applications worldwide. With two development centers, one in America and the other in Slovakia, it provides the necessary antenna types in the industry, as well as developing application-specific antennas for its customers. In 2015, 2J invested in the American market and established a center in San Diego to manage its test and certification studies more effectively. With the latest technology engineering devices, expert analysts in their field, and 3D modeling technology, 2J develops the latest technology products. Thanks to the ISO/TS16949:2009 certificate, 2J holds the quality standards for Turkey and the European region and maintains European market leadership. Effective communication with customers and quick support plans to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. As the need for Antenna solutions increases with the developing IoT applications, 2J solutions have become more preferred compared to its competitors in the industry.

About TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity is a technology company that provides high-quality and reliable connection solutions worldwide. Its products play an important role in an increasingly interconnected world. The company is headquartered in Switzerland and operates in more than 50 countries worldwide.

TE Connectivity designs, manufactures, and markets connection solutions for electrical, electronic, and data transmission used in many industries. It provides solutions for all applications such as sensors, connectors, cables, antennas, fiber optic products, underwater communication networks, electric vehicles, wearable technologies, smart buildings, and cities.

With its portfolio of brands, TE Connectivity constantly expands its product range. These brands include ALCOSWITCH, HarnWare Software, AMP, HARTMAN, Polamco, KILOVAC, Raychem, Kissling, Potter & Brumfield, Schrack, Axicom, First Sensor, MEAS, Linx Technologies, Laird Technologies, MATE-N-LOK, DEUTSCH, and many more.

TE Connectivity applies a strict quality control process to ensure that all of its products are tested and validated for quality, reliability, and performance. The company also provides design, engineering, and consulting services to offer customized solutions that meet the needs of its customers.

As TE Connectivity Turkey Distributor, Empa Electronics is always ready to produce solutions and support for your projects!


You can contact us for more information.

You can contact us for more information.