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Dear Customer,

We value the confidentiality and security of your personal information.

Your contact information, which belongs to you, has been obtained during the negotiation, establishment, and/or performance processes of a contract, as you are either our customer or our customer’s representative.

In accordance with the regulations set forth in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 and the secondary legislation, these records will be shared with third parties for the following purposes, in a manner that is appropriate, limited, and proportionate:

provision of periodic e-newsletter services to our customers;
provision of e-store setup and support services due to our e-commerce activities;
provision of secure collection services from customers who shop through our e-store using virtual POS or mobile POS applications within the scope of our e-commerce activities;
provision of cargo services for the delivery of products purchased from our company to our customers;
The service contracts regarding these issues contain a confidentiality clause and a prohibition on transferring information that is necessary for service procurement to other third parties.

Article 9 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data requires explicit consent from the data owner for the transfer of personal data abroad. In the absence of explicit consent for the transfer abroad, one of the following conditions is sought in addition to ensuring that the conditions for domestic transfers are met:

the country to which the transfer will be made is counted among the countries with sufficient protection announced by the Personal Data Protection Authority,

if there is no sufficient protection in the country to which the transfer will be made, the data controllers in Turkey and the relevant foreign country must commit to adequate protection in writing and the permission of the Personal Data Protection Authority must be obtained.

Foreign companies that we represent request access to our customers’ and customer representatives’ contact information for the purpose of ensuring the continuity of the commercial relationship, provided that you give your consent.

According to Article 11 of the law, the Data Owner has the following rights:

a) to learn whether personal data is being processed,
b) to request information if personal data has been processed,
c) to learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are being used for their intended purpose,
d) to know the third parties to whom personal data is transferred domestically or abroad,
e) to request the correction of personal data if they are incomplete or incorrect, within the framework of the conditions envisaged in Article 7,
f) to request that the transactions made in accordance with (d) and (e) be notified to the third parties to whom personal data is transferred,
g) to object to the emergence of a result that is against the person through the exclusively automatic analysis of processed data,
h) to request the compensation of damages in case of suffering damage due to the illegal processing of personal data.