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About STMicroelectronics

About STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics founded in 1987, based in Italy and France, serves customers in electronic applications by offering one of the industry’s broadest portfolio of semiconductors. Serving all electronic segments, ST is among the world’s largest semiconductor companies. ST is the company that sets the technological direction with the innovations realized and the patents it has made since the day it was founded. With a gigantic R & D staff of 7,500 and a patent portfolio of 9,500 different patents, the company continues to retain its leadership in technology with 17,000 patents. With more than 75 sales and marketing offices in 35 countries and 45,500 employees, it supports all electronic projects in the world. Thanks to its 11 production facilities, it realizes an uninterrupted product line. ST’s products are everywhere today and together with our customers, we are building smarter homes and smarter homes, factories and cities. ST’s products make life even richer with the internet of next generation mobile devices and objects. We are the biggest representative of ST in Turkey. We support your projects with our application engineers who have technical knowledge of ST product catalog. Every year we organize seminars and trainings to inform you about ST’s new products and technologies.

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