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About YDLidar


YDLidar, a brand of YDLEAI Technology, produces intelligent sensor products for various industries. Lidar sensors, which are particularly popular in robotic applications, are used for mapping, autonomous navigation, precise positioning, and obstacle avoidance. YDLidar provides solutions for a wide range of fields such as electric robot vacuums, service robots, industrial automation, drones, smart security, and smart transportation with its "triangle," ToF, and solid-state Lidar sensors.

Lidar sensors have many advantages, including high resolution, high range resolution, angular resolution, and speed resolution compared to microwave radar. Additionally, Lidar has a strong anti-interference capability, operates throughout the day, and has good directionality. It can detect low-altitude targets and provide various information, such as target distance, angle, and reflection intensity. Finally, Lidar sensors offer a variety of resources for developers.

Applications of Lidar sensors include service robots, educational robots, industrial robots, RVC navigation obstacle avoidance, digital multimedia interaction, drone detection, VR display, regional security, environmental scanning, 3D reconstruction, SLAM/ROS developers, and integrated laser navigation solutions.

You can contact us for more information.

You can contact us for more information.